Online Community: A Solution For The Short & Long Term

In a world of algorithms, hashtags and follow counts, know the true value of human connections.

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What To Expect

Customer communities have been growing considerably, but for many the pandemic has accelerated the need to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of today's consumers.

In this easily digestible eBook we go over the basics of customer communities, how they have been helping brands through the Covid-19 crisis, and how they will continue to help in the long-term.



What You'll Learn

  • How customer communities have helped brands through Covid-19.
  • Why they are fantastic long-term investments and the problems they solve.
  • How to get your community up and running in 7-10 days.



Chapter 1

Chapter 1

What is an online community?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Why are online communities important right now?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

What problems do communities solve long-term?

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Why the importance of communities is soaring?


Meet The Author

Rob Nash

Robert Nash

Rob has been the CEO of 4 Roads for 15 years. In that time, he has grown 4 Roads into a community leader, specialising in online community development, implementation and strategy.

He is a hands on leader who is passionate about helping brands successfully understand and adopt digital solutions that enhance their customer experience.

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