Robots To The Rescue: 8 Ways Intelligent Self-Service Can Save Local Services

A 4 Roads discussion paper for local authorities, government agencies, charities, advice services, or other third sector operators.

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Intended Audiences and Aims

The aim of this discussion paper is to inspire people who work in the UK’s public bodies to open discussions internally and across partners about how they can deploy an Intelligent Self Service (ISS) Strategy that sits across the entire organisation, with top-level sponsorship and support.

The aim is to assist heads of service, chief executives and others involved at all levels in all of these organisations (and more), including political leadership or governing bodies where applicable.

What We'll discuss:

  • Automation
  • "One Citizen"
  • Smarter Data
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Self Service Channels
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data

Sneak Peek


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Meet The Author

Rob Nash

Robert Nash

Rob has been the CEO of 4 Roads for 15 years. In that time, he has grown 4 Roads into a technology leader, specialising in helping brands successfully understand and adopt digital solutions that enhance their customer experience.