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In this webinar, we discuss how today's customers want to help themselves as much as possible, and why it makes sense to provide them with the appropriate resources to help them accomplish this goal.

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Evolving Expectations

Dissatisfied customers rarely give you a second chance. They hold grudges, spread negative feedback and jump ship without hesitation.

They expect convenience.

Yet customer service departments are being put under greater pressure to do more with less. Intelligent self-service can relieve much of the burden without sacrificing customer service quality.

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Changing Dynamics 

No user experience will ever be perfect for all customers in all situations, but you should give them the option to choose the experience that suits their needs.

Intelligent Self Service is about getting customers to their answers quickly AND giving them control over the experience.

Customers want to help themselves as much as possible and will turn to support reps only when they have exhausted all other avenues. It makes sense to provide them with the appropriate resources to help them accomplish this goal.

What We Cover

  • How customer expectations and experiences have changed.
  • Welcome to The Age of Convenience!
  • Explaining The Age of Convenience - giving control to customers, meeting needs on their terms etc.
  • Real world scenarios - Intelligent Self Service in action
  • Why for you - benefits for your company (Cost saving, Customer sentiment, etc)
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Meet The Host

The Author-1

James Browne

James joined the 4 Roads team in 2012, where his passion for client delivery, strong relationship building skills and solutions-based thinking has seen him contribute astronomically to the agency’s impressive growth.    

Aside from using technology to bring businesses and audiences closer, James is also passionate about the role it can play in improving society.  

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